It’s that time of year; we’re heading straight towards those wonderful summer weddings. Where the world is awash with glorious sunshine and lush greens fill the landscape... Well, maybe not so much in the U.K but a girl can dream can’t she? And even though the weather isn’t always on our side, it shouldn’t stop us looking at one of this season’s biggest colour trends.

With Pantone’s colour of the year being “Greenery”, I’ve seen a huge amount of wedding style move away from traditional florals to be replaced with a striking mixture of tropical foliage. Which looks great don’t get me wrong, but I wondered if there was a way to use greenery in creating a more sophisticated wedding design without the use of a tropical palm leaf?

Going for green and just green is a bold move, but the simplicity of mixing shades and textures of a single colour can create that contemporary feel. So let me introduce the Dianthus, which I’ll simply describe as a green fluffy pom-pom and a definite statement floral. It combines everything I think of for contemporary greenery – texture, gorgeous vibrant shades, plus it’s just plain awesome.

This modern little flower is so tactile, adding a dash of texture to tablescapes, suspended decor and bouquets. With two sizes available; the smaller 'Green Trick' and larger 'Green Balls' it’s pretty versatile too.


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Combining greenery with classic white conveys that perfect fresh wedding style. Green itself is so understated, and to me signals the first sign of spring and the arrival of summer. The time of the year everyone wishes would arrive sooner after a long, dark winter. Waking up early with the morning sun, birds singing, freshly cut grass, lush gardens and covered trees... I love the idea of using greenery to bring the summer outdoors in.


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Mixing different shades of green works wonderfully to create a modern floral arrangement. The Dianthus really makes a statement by itself but when combined with different textures from either Hydrangeas, Chrysanthemum (Spider variety)', Viburnum Opulus Roseum, Chrysanthemum (Froggy variety), Green Asters, Succulents or Sword Fern, the effect is stunning.

I’ve often found Hydrangeas get overlooked, but there’s elegance in their simplicity especially in establishing a contemporary wedding style.


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I couldn't end without mentioning a few other striking greens which shouldn’t be overlooked either. Acidanthera Murielae or Protea Buds have beautifully unique shapes and Hypercium Berries give a rich depth to accompany the textured shape of the Dianthus flower. Adding either Envy Zinnias, Green Orchid Cymbidiums or Albion Green Pods also give that contemporary feel with their distinctive blooms.

Hopefully I’ve shared a little inspiration to embrace greenery in your wedding, and not a Cheese-Plant palm leaf in sight.


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